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Smart Colliders Overview

These are some of the features of the SmartRectCollider2D included in the Smart 2D Colliders asset

I have used it to create a platform controller and I have made a gif showing it in action solving different problems you can found when making a platform game.

You can play the platform demo here

Now Available on the store

And see in a video how it works:

  • SmartRectCollider2D features:
  1. Avoid using a circle for foots and a rectangle for the body.
  2. Use the skin around the SmartRectCollider2D body to allow climbing steps and slopes.
  3. Automatic detection of moving platforms, including translation, rotation and scaling.
  4. The SmartRectCollider2D can be scaled and rotated keeping all its properties.
  5. Fast moving detection. No matter how fast it goes, the SmartRectCollider2D will be stopped by the first collider found.
  6. SmartRectCollider2D works separately with 2D & 3D colliders, and you can disable any of them as you wish.
  7. SmartRectCollider2D pushes objects with a rigidBody or rigidBody2D.
  8. SmartRectCollider2D have one way collisions in any direction: up, down, left & right.
  9. Easy to use and modify.

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