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RPG Map Editor

Create an RPG map easy with only 3 buttons: left and right mouse button and shift or control key.

RPG Map Editor in an autotile map editor for RPG games or anything you want to create in the Editor or while playing your game. With collisions and minimap integrated and everything you need to create a complex and wonderful RPG world easy and quickly with no complicated tools or options.

HTML5 Demo | Forum | Docs | Docs2

RPG Conversation/Dialogue Editor

Simple but powerful conversation system for your indie games.
It isn’t more complicated than necessary, so you don’t need to spend much time learning to use it.
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional, you will learn how to use it very fast and it will save you time with your dialogues.
Equipped with a wide range of events, you won’t need to write a single line of code to trigger actions when a conversation is started or ended or a dialog option is selected.
In addition, due to its simplicity, you can adapt it to your needs without any effort.

Manual | API Doc. | Forum | WebGL Demo 
Getting Started in 3 steps


Super Tilemap Editor

Super Tilemap Editor is a powerful and easy to use tile editor with everything you need to create any game based on tiles. Use it not only to create tilemaps but also as a powerful level editor placing prefabs as if they were tiles.

Forum | Manual | API Doc. | Tutorials

Playmaker for Super Tilemap Editor

Create and edit tilemaps in real-time using Playmaker with this complete set of actions made for Super Tilemap Editor.
A set of useful actions will be at your disposition to create amazing worlds without writing a line of code.

Smart Platform Colliders

Smart Platform colliders are an enhanced version of physic colliders included with Unity, improved to solve some problems found when using the default colliders like sticking when moving a box collider over collider joints, a slope or small imperfections, trespassing colliders when moving fast, etc.

WebGL Demo | Web Demo | Forum | Docs

Super Platformer Editor

Super Platformer Editor is a bundle including ( Super Tilemap Editor and Smart Platform Colliders ) to create platformer games using the best of both tools.

Isometric Sprite Sorting

Make it easy sorting gameobjects made with multiple overlapped parts by any axis X, Y, Z, XY, YZ, ZX & Camera.Forward.
All you need is attach the IsoSpriteSorting script to any object, and all its renderer children will be sorted according to the position of parent object in the sorting axis. Compatible with gameobjects with different render parts with an specific sorting order, like a Puppet2D or Anima2D character.

Web Demo | Forum | Docs | Video

17 thoughts on “Unity Tools

      1. though you do say its compatible with VX Ace…why not make it work both ways. The map editor in VX ACE is painfully slow, no copy and paste for example….If this can be used someone should make something..

  1. I mean it is compatible with VX tilesets (with animated autotiles, walls, etc) You can use a VX compatible tileset and draw a map like in RPG Maker. But it is not working as an external editor for RPG Maker. Also if I allow that I would inherit the same limitations not being able to add more features like multiple layers, for example.

    1. hmm, perhaps you could make a separate version as a map editor for RPG MakerVxAce (one were after making the makes they could be imported into the Maker), I am sure there is a market for it, As a GDeveloper who has been working on a commercial game for about 3 years now, something like this would (I believe ) speed up map making, and then I could work on everything else faster…(right now, I am working on 3d animations and Voice overs). I’d be willing to buy. If you make it you could sell it on Steam, and if you speak to the Makers of RPG Maker, you could have it featured as a UT not only on there site but in there Steam section as a UT for there games, just like here were they bundle a sound editor with the RPG maker Engine.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions.
        It looks like an option for the future. I will have this into account in case I have some time in the future for this kind of tool.

  2. I’d like to see Playmaker actions for Super Tilemap Editor. I’d even pay a little extra for it as an add-on. If you look into it you will see they are not actually that hard to make. I just don’t want to maintain them myself since your functions may change as you continue development.

  3. I’m building a game for my capstone and need a tilemap editor. We are running Unity 5.4.1f1 Personal and I’m curious if this will run on that version?

      1. Awesome! It says on your Unity store page that the cost is $35/seat my group (3 of us) are using the Unity Collaborate? How would that affect us? Would we each be expected to purchase a copy? Or if only one of us built the tilemaps up and imported them in would only 1 seat be acceptable? I’d love to buy a seat for each level building team member but I’m afraid that we are building our capstone on a 0 dollar budget. lol #collegeLifestyles

    1. Ok, cool! Thank you! I look forward to seeing what we (artistically challenged fellows) throw together with your awesome looking IDE extension.

  4. Hello, I’ve been loving your tools!
    May I suggest some new tools that I felt like I really need?
    I would love to have a Switch/Flag system like in RPG Maker, I felt like this is very essential, and is currently missing from the asset store!

    I need one like it to manage my RPG.
    I can make simple scripts, but it is very hard to manage and change globally used variables such as flags and switches, and I have no idea how to make something like that as an artist.

    Would be even better if I could setup default values, save/load the switch/flag, add/remove flags, make categories & subcategories for management, and edit them on runtime through the editor window.

    Is this possible?

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for your suggestion. I think it could be a good tool for non programmers and programmers, to make it easy to manage game states.
      I will think about this and maybe create something when I have some time.
      I have something similar in Super Tilemap Editor. It is the ParameterContainer used to manage tile properties but It can be used also for gameObjects.
      Parameter Container

  5. Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to save pre-made map fragments and weld them together (with auto-tile and such) somehow later to create a semi-randomly generated dungeon?

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